Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance

Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems in Englewood

4 Seasons Landscape and Design supplies and maintains irrigation and sprinkler systems for residential and commercial customers in the Denver Metro Area. Our irrigation systems help you maintain optimum lawn and plant health through consistent scheduled watering.

Using an irrigation or sprinkler system prevents over or underwatering which protects your plants from disease. Irrigation and sprinkler systems spread nutrients and water evenly throughout your landscaping, providing effective feeding cycles for your lawn and plants. Our skilled irrigation services specialists can help you make the most of your outdoor spaces. Get in touch by calling 720-882-1674 or scheduling your appointment online.

Irrigation Systems

4 Seasons Landscape and Design provides underground sprinkler irrigation systems, drip irrigation, and blended systems depending on customer need.

Underground Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

These are the systems people typically think of when considering landscape irrigation. This system uses underground pipes and above ground sprinkler heads to spray water above the plants and provide a rain-like water delivery for them. Irrigation system controls allow you to schedule watering at regular intervals, or to turn the system on manually if needed.

The sprinkler heads can be one of two types, depending on customer preference. They can either retract into their bases when not in use and then extend above the surface of the lawn and landscaping during watering, or they can sit above the ground constantly. With retracting sprinklers, you don’t have to worry about their location while mowing a lawn, but they do run the risk of malfunction if not maintained properly. The stationary sprinklers must be avoided while performing lawn maintenance, but have less risk of mechanical failure.

Drip Irrigation

This is ideal for planted landscaping, as it delivers water directly to plant bases. These systems are the best option for landscape designs on uneven terrain, if there are large groupings of plants instead of grass lawn, and in windy areas where evaporation risk is higher. As with underground sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems can be managed with controllers to schedule watering or start watering manually if plants need a little extra moisture outside of the regular schedule.

Blended Irrigation Systems

These systems combine the benefits of both underground sprinkler systems and drip irrigation. With a blended system, you can utilize the sprinkler features on grass where it is the most beneficial, and drip irrigation on planted landscaping such as trees, flowers, shrubs, and bushes.

Utilizing a blended irrigation system allows you to adjust for the individual needs of your landscaping to keep all your plants healthy and beautiful. A smart controller is an important tool to consider with blended landscaping, as it allows scheduling of different watering times and lengths for different zones, so that the grass and plants don’t have to be watered on the same schedule.

Irrigation System Maintenance and Repair

4 Seasons Landscape and Design specializes in irrigation and sprinkler system maintenance and repair for residential and commercial properties throughout the Denver Metro Area.

Maintenance of your irrigation system is crucial to ensure optimum functionality and to avoid pricey repair or water bills down the line. Without regular maintenance of the lines, pipes, and sprinkler heads, small holes or tears can occur over time, causing failures in the system. Failures in the system can involve extensive repair that can disrupt your landscaping, and leaks in the system can drive up your water bill if they go unnoticed. By scheduling regular maintenance and inspections of your system, you can catch potential issues before they become much more expensive to resolve.

Our company will contract to perform regular irrigation system maintenance for your home or business to ensure optimal performance and minimize risks of system faults. We also offer emergency services in the event a repair in your existing system is needed.

Irrigation System Winterization

Winterizing your sprinkler system is especially crucial in Colorado, as the winters here involve quick temperature drops below freezing. 4 Seasons Landscape and Design will winterize your sprinkler system by performing a full system water shut-off, water drain, and line and sprinkler head blowout. Removing all traces of water from the system removes the risk of freezing inside the lines and sprinkler heads and prevents damage to the system.

Once the system is cleared of water, all above ground components of the system will be insulated against temperature changes and weather, including shut-off valves, exposed pipes, and above ground sprinkler heads. Our company will winterize sprinkler systems for your home and commercial properties in the fall, then bring it back online for you in the spring.

Save Time and Relax Knowing We Have Your Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems Covered

With our specialization in sprinkler and irrigation systems, we are the go-to sprinkler and irrigation system company in the Denver area. Our irrigation systems remove the headache of maintenance for you and allow you to relax knowing your plants are taken care of. From designing systems to suit the needs of your home or business, to regular maintenance and winterization, to repairs if needed, our company is your one-stop-shop for sprinkler services.

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