About Us

How We Started

Alex, the owner of 4 Seasons Landscape and Design started working with landscape maintenance and design while still in high school. Passionate about improving customers’ landscape plans, he developed his skills and opened 4 Seasons Landscape and Design over a decade ago.

Originally specializing in lawn mowing, edging, trim, and care, 4 Seasons Landscape and Design has bloomed into a comprehensive landscape design and care team.

Where We Are Now

4 Seasons Landscape and Design has expanded into a team of 6 dedicated landscape professionals. We are here to provide you with support and our expertise throughout all stages of beautifying and improving your landscape. Our team is bilingual, able to provide information and service communication in both English and Spanish.

We have expanded our service range, so now 4 Seasons Landscape and Design can provide you with landscape design and maintenance help in Englewood, the Denver Metro Area, Douglas County, and surrounding areas.

Our design process encapsulates what you are envisioning for your home or business, and our team develops a plan to implement that. From a complete landscape overhaul with irrigation systems, retaining walls, planted trees and foliage, and custom concrete and paver work to general landscape maintenance, our team can support your needs.

One of our specialties is sprinkler and irrigation system design and maintenance, including winterization of irrigation systems to save you costly water bills from damage.

We also specialize in concrete design work and installation, including stamped concrete, so that your walkways, pathways, and patios are exactly what you envisioned for your outdoor living space or the facade of your business. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations for how polished and professional your property will look when we are done.

4 Seasons Landscape and Design is prepared to handle all aspects of your landscape design and maintenance. We will accommodate your personal or business needs and timelines to ensure the least disruption to your schedule, life, and business traffic as possible.

We will support you and your business throughout all 4 seasons. Our snow plowing and snow removal services in the winter will keep your walkways, driveways, and parking lots clear of snow and safe for all travel. In the fall we will winterize your irrigation systems to prevent pipe and equipment breaks that lead to costly water bills.

Call Us Today to See How We Exceed Your Customer Service Expectations

We strive to provide exceptional customer service and to treat every job like it is the highest priority.

Whether you need a tree trimmed and your lawn mowed, or if you need a complete property overhaul with concrete installation, foliage plans, and irrigation systems, your project with us will be treated with haste, priority, and workmanship excellence. Maintenance schedules we put in place with your contract will ensure that your property never goes unmanaged and falls into disarray.

Contact us today to get your project planned and implemented so you can return to enjoying your outdoor living area or your business’ appearance.